Enable seamless data integration, next-gen intelligence technologies, tools, platforms, pre-built assets, and accelerated insights for enhanced operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

Population Health


Patient Experience


Cost Optimization


Risk Stratification


Value-based Care

AI is increasingly seen as a critical technology in delivering value-based care, as it can help overcome some of the significant challenges healthcare organizations face.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Interoperability
  • Improved Care Coordination
  • High-Risk Patient Identification

IntelliHeal Platform

Intelligence for
Providers, Payers & Pharma

Enhanced health outcomes, operational efficiencies, and cost reduction for payers, providers, and pharmaceutical organizations.

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Claims Data

Clinical Trial Data

Risk Stratification

Care Management

Key Features

Empower patients, providers, and payers with actionable healthcare insights.

Data Integration

Streamline operations by integrating diverse data sources seamlessly.

Reports and Dashboards

Visualize key insights with intuitive reporting and dynamic dashboards.

Analytics Modernization

Upgrade analytics capabilities with modern tools and methodologies.

AI/ML Platform

Leverage advanced AI/ML for decisive data-driven decision-making.